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August 30 2017


Unironically liking Never Gonna Give You Up makes you immune to all damage

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character posterbilbo baggins
 I know I don’t look old, but I’m beginning to feel it in my heart… I need a holiday. A very long holiday. And I don’t expect I shall return.

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Chrys Watches Got [x] / requests for individuals [x]




I hope Black Panther makes black people feel as powerful as Wonder Woman made me feel

I wholeheartedly support this statement

I very much appreciate this. Thank you.

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“What was it like playing vampire Bella?”


kristen stewart had enough

“People don’t sound like wind chimes, Stephenie”

Nobody on this planet hates Twilight as much as the cast of Twilight and I respect and admire them for that.

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Favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine Characters (as voted by our followers):
↳   2. Jake Peralta

August 26 2017




do people wear glasses during sex or is it just like you’re blind and everthing’s a surprise

we turn off the lights so our partner doesn’t noticed we are basically echolocating everytime we moan




Note to Millennials from GenX:

So you know those news stories about how Millennials don’t buy enough breakfast cereal or paperback books or homes or whatever the hell that Boomers are complaining that “kids these days” don’t spend money on?  And y’all are like “LOL, no cash my pal”?  

I think there’s something more insidious going on.  You see, they thought they had you.  Forget the Saturday morning cartoons of my childhood, they had Disney Channel and Nickelodeon feeding you ads all day long.  Your generation got advertising in your schools.  Your parents took you to prosperity doctrine spewing MegaChurches (it’s Mega so it’s gotta impress the kids, right?).  

They thought you were going to be their generation of super-consumers.  

You are generations distant from the great depression, and the 1979 energy crisis.  Boomers want to pretend that the 2008 housing bubble wouldn’t affect the little kids.  And plus, we had grown past the era of Yankee thrift and hippie DIY frugality.  Right?  And there was no mopey Kurt Cobain glamorizing thrift-store flannel shirts.  You guys were going to out-consume the Boomer generation.  They were sure of it.

Those think pieces?  They’re Boomer disappointment that you have found value in something other than your place as a mindless consumer.

And yeah, I’m not going to pretend that y’all have more cash than you do.  It was fucking idiotic to think they were going to raise a consumer generation without having to pay them the money they would need to buy even life’s necessities.  And I could write a book about how my generation was complicit in destroying the old values around work and loyalty that left your generation screwed.  Really, I’m genuinely sorry for the mistakes we made.

But you guys have given a big middle finger to the generation who thought that they could manipulate you from birth into manipulable-money-spending-machines.  And I’m way fucking proud of you for that.    

always reblog the post about how millenials fucking killed capitalism

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my mom and dad were arguing in front of me whether to give me a present now or to wait til christmas and my mom was like “can we give her it now?” and my dad was like “what present” and my mom was like “you know… the good one” and my dad was like “spell it” and my mom goes “GREG, SHE’S 23”


*owen wilson voice*


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I like how she didn’t even directly mention men and he still said that




im glad im so irrelevant on this website no one tries to start drama with me

*touches the soil* something terrible happened here

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Can you believe margot robbie did this stunt on her own without any wires while wearing high heels

we had to hear stories about fucked up shit jared leto was doing for a year for his 5 seconds of mediocrity while this woman was out here actually becoming a gymnast?????

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reblog if you’ve ever been horrified by your own Customer Service voice

she is so FAKE 

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I know it’s kind of stupid to complain about a movie that came out 17 years ago, but I wasn’t a comedian back then. So I have to do it now. I wish I’d been. I wish I’d been a Def Jam comic when that movie came out. I would have torn it to pieces!

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