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May 22 2018







do you think kirby’s skin is moist when you touch him

or do you think its like rubbery? like an inflated balloon?


if you stabbed him would he pop or bleed?

Do you take constructive criticism on your posts ???

all respectable scientists must accept peer review on their research findings

Due to the nature of kirby’s inflation (inhalation of the air or other airborne elements) Kirby’s anatomy would only make sense to be a large bodily chasm much like the human lung to capture and hold the atmospheric area inside of him.

Kirby also floats, suggesting either A) he is lighter than the atmospheric pressure and gravity affecting him and can propel himself through the atmosphere or B) he is strong enough to conteract those forces. Both of which suggest Kirby is not fat or excess skin, but muscle. He is also depicted as smooth and without imperfections as if to suggest that inflated kirby has no stretching of his skin. Smaller kirby and Larger kirby can have different volumes, indicating Kirby has excess skin which can retract into his body when not in use. Which would be able to reside in the chasm of Kirby, that is contracted and relaxed.

So while he may be soft and squishy when deflated, I think Kirby when he has taken in air is much more like a basketball, firm and stiff thanks to the extension (possible hyperextension) of his muscles. Kirby is softer when not inflated due to the relaxtaion of his muscles although the moistness is a variable I am unable to comprehend at this time.

Thanks for coming to my TEDtalk this is why kirby would actually just eat the knife if you tried to stab him

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onion magic

You Are Going To Have So Much Success In 2018 (pass it on)




I nearly scrolled past, but I got nervous

Not risking this dude

Sorry guys



Peter Parker would totally swing around the city trying to find pokemon






How do you cut a tiny pizza?

With Little Caesars!

but that’s

that’s not pronounced like shears it’s


what is the joke

is it, like, seizures? seizers? like someone who seizes the pizza?


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okay but the screenwriter for Thor: Ragnarok is obviously intimately aware of what it’s like to have siblings because like…the snake scene? Bickering at every opportunity? Throwing things at each other for no real reason? “You know this guy?” “I have no idea who this person is”? Smirking when your sibling does something cool because ‘nothing but respect for MY sibling’ and then turning around and punching each other in the face right afterward? Stabbing each other for fun and then going ‘oh come on you big baby, that didn’t even hurt’? The fucking ‘Get Help’ scene? Like bruh…that is some Truth in Hollywood right there

In honor of this post reaching 10K notes, I have more examples of Siblinghood Done Right in Ragnarok:

  • *parent leaves the area* “THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!”
  • “You’re just…the worst.”
  • *internally* bitch I am the only one that gets to kill my sibling back off!
  • That little conciliatory pat on the back Loki gives to Thor after Thor says “Jane and I dumped each other”
  • “I swear I left it right here”
  • *casually talking to each other about something mundane with the underlying threat of violence everpresent in both of your voices*
  • casual jibes and banter about the way each other dresses (“Why would I do that? I’m not a witch.” “Then why do you dress like one?”)
  • but also the concealed worry about your sibling getting actually hurt, even though you know they’ll probably be fine
  • Loki’s extremely obvious eyerolling when those girls approach Thor in public and ask for a selfie
  • *sibling walks in while you’re trying to cause trouble and enjoy yourself* “oh shit”
  • this bit

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    That’s it. The best version of the meme. We’ve done it lads


    the post-credits scene of infinity war 2 is gonna be thor going to a tattoo parlor to get that tattoo to commemorate loki he was supposed to get in ragnarök but when it’s done it says ‘loki is the best’ instead of ‘loki was the best’ (in like.. really shitty handwriting) and thor’s like “you’ve made a mistake my good sir” and the tattoo artist’s like “or did i?” and he transforms back into loki and thor’s just

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    which one did “stop saying i look like chicken little”


    I’m drift compatible with most raccoons

    hogwarts memes









    - everyone answering “no, i’m fred” to “are you [insert Y/N]” even hermione
    - everything draco does ever
    - calling blast ended skrewts “power bottoms”
    - calling newt scamander bad variations of his name like nerd sandwicher etc
    - colin creevey using that one picture he managed to get of hermione punching draco as a reaction image
    - shouting “spank me daddy” at the whomping willow
    - [pointing at random object] that’s a portkey
    - every single cat is professor mcgonagall


    - POTTER

    - ever since snape’s “bottle fame, brew fortune” speech students just go on and on with it - “flambé success, bake brilliance” “Can you tutor me in charms?” “TUTOR you? I can teach you how to SAUTÉ EXCELLENCE.”

    - [random object] is totally a hufflepuff

    - remember that game where someone yells “SHATNER” and you have to overact? same thing except it’s “TRELAWNEY” and you have to use whatever you’re holding to make a ludicrous prediction

    - a more popular variation is “LOCKHART” to make up a pompous story about using whatever you’re holding to drive the [monster] out of [town]

    - calling hippogriffs “leggy birbs”

    - “Our beloved headmaster Albert Dumpsterfire/Aqueous Disillusionment/Aberdeen Decapitation…”

    - shitty incantations ( “The Graying Hair Charm? Make-me-bloody-ancient-osia.” )

    reblogging for albert dumpsterfire xD

    -the dumbledore one, except you keep adding incorrect names, like albert pensive wallace herbert richard flamingo sherbet tango luthor…

    -*peeves appears* IT DAT BOI

    -”i’d rather be petrified”

    -”so a shack gets to scream and it’s all normal and haunted, but when i do it i’m disturbing class and a nuisance”

    I will sell my soul for all of this in a fic

    0478 2176 500


    she straight up asked him if he’s the baby


    the tired gay youth energies radiating off of this image is immeasurably powerful







    today i found out that victor hugo has had more sex than possibly almost any other human that has lived on this planet. 

    he had so much sex his biographers straight up gave up trying to document all of his sexual partners. he was reported to fuck up to 3-9 times a day. He had a secret sex diary written in code. He had “official” and “unofficial” mistresses. One estimate was that he had ~200 sexual partners in two years. 


    don’t forget that on the day of his funeral all the brothels in Paris were closed because every single prostitute in the whole goddamn city was busy mourning him

    Hey quick question what the fuck

    the man reported on his hookups in his diary using latin code words and 2 million people attended his funeral, if that isnt balling idk what is

    victor hugo has been dead for 133 slutty, slutty years



    Brain: what if you forgot to do The Thing

    Me: i didn’t

    Brain: but what if you did

    Me: i literally just checked

    Brain: but what if your eyes were playing tricks on you

    0502 6ad4 500


    this is it. this is the single greatest post i’ve ever seen on this god forsaken planet



    being part of the d&d fandom is wild because the vast majority of folks are just here to be gay and do crimes but then there’s that little corner that consists of greasy-fingered Mountain Dew guzzlers whose sole purpose in life is to tell you that you’re wrong

    “be gay and do crimes“ is my new live long and prosper



    Why is Bard-Cleric so funny? Is it the vicous mockery cantrip? imagine youre at a sermon and the pastor starts roasting you in front of everyone “thou art a little bitch jacob, SO SAYETH THE LORD AMEN” and the entire church echoes AMEN

    and then you take 1d4 psychic damage


    Someone just suggested Taika Waititi direct Deadpool 3 and…

    That makes so much sense but it’s also giving Taika too much power

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