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October 20 2017

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12 Times Han Solo Used The Force Without Knowing It

I need Han to accidentally be force strong, mostly because HE WOULD HATE THAT SO MUCH “Wow so you’re basically a self-taught Jedi” “WHAT–ARE YOU–I’M THE BEST PILOT IN–” “That’s force shit” “I’M AN EXCELLENT SHOT” “Yeah, because of the force” “I’M INCREDIBLY PERSUASIVE” “That’s the force making people believe your terrible lies against all reason ” “I’LL SEE YOU IN HELL

I can picture his reaction now…

No, but this is:

Oh heck

George Lucas can pry Force Sensitive Han from my cold dead hands.

I love everything about this theory, but my favourite part of it by far is now utterly offended he’d be by the suggestion.

@hanorganaas this is how he lives

I couldn’t agree more.

I need Force-Ghost Han in the next movie very very badly.

Luke: What the hell are you doing here?

Han’s ghost: I was hoping you could tell me!

This just gets better!

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you know when the wind does the blowy thing and the leaves on the ground blow in a circle and you feel halloween in your heart

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Tyler Hoechlin presenting at the Teen Choice Awards 2017



Any one of us. Any one of us could be Taylor Swift behind these URLs



Bilbo: wait I get it now. The dragon is a metaphor for greed and power. We need to ‘defeat’ it by being humble when we get the treasure.

Thorin: Bilbo, for the last time, it’s a real dragon and it has my gold

It’s living in my house, Bilbo


There are two types of writers…

Writer A: “I’ve fleshed this character out to the point where they’re more real then I am. I know everything about them, including their blood type, their thirty-first favorite song, what they did for their sixth birthday, and which brand of apples they prefer.”

Writer B: “This character exists as a full person in my head, but I know absolutely nothing about them. Once I forced them to talk about themselves,  and they simultaneous lied about their past and told me accurate trivia facts I don’t remember learning.”

October 18 2017

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Captain Holt is Rosa Diaz’s proud dad pass it on.

October 17 2017

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Tony Stark + text posts (part 2)

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wait…omfg this level of..dfkjhgdfjkhgjkdfghfd

I googled “mark hamill” and the first thing to come up was Mark Hamill Mocks His Own Death Hoax

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He hasn’t been burnt that bad since he was on Mustafar

October 11 2017

how about cracking open a warm one with the boys?


some tea. some biscuits. and talking about our feelings and love for one another

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some carrie fisher tweets to brighten your day

October 09 2017



Concept: I finish school. The job I work isn’t my dream job but I enjoy doing it greatly still. It pays enough to cover everything I might need. My bills are never overdue. Money is not a thought in my head. I have a place to live. So do my dogs. It is nice and warm, I have some plants, my bookshelves are full, my sheets are always clean. There is time to read at the end of a day. I read a lot. Thinking is a good thing. I meet up with friends regularly, old and new. They love me. We make memories. I have nothing to be ashamed of. I travel a few times a year, always different places. The places I see steal my breath away. The people I meet teach me of life. They are good. There is no war. The sea calls to me and pay visit. I am independent. I am content.

we are such a sad generation. the dream is a modest and decent life.



We’re Approaching Bubonic Plague All Wrong & How To Use Soap To Fix It

yo this bot just wrote a headline from 1342


my bank account to me when I’m looking at my bank statement after a good weekend



the faster you learn to say ‘this is hideous, i love it’ about an item of clothing and genuinely mean it, the faster no one can take away your happiness about your clothes because they can be like ‘what the fuck are you wearing’ and the only answer you can give is a gleeful ‘i KNOW isn’t it HIDEOUS!’

And once you’ve accomplished this, you can do this with everything. My clothes? ugly. My furniture? Tacky. My car? hideous!

Bring the hideous into your entire life and experience the true zen of not giving a fuck

October 07 2017

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this fucking movie 

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Evolution of Nick Fury’s love for Tony Stark.

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