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August 07 2017




I always take a break in PoA right before peter escapes so I can forgive everyone for forgetting about petrificus totalus 

i always take a break in PoA when dumbledore says he can’t do anything to prove sirius’ innocence bc Veritaserum is literally a potion taught in 6th year every year and snape probably had some on hand 

these people are a mess under stress

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Walt Disney Animation StudiosThe Renaissance (1989 - 1999)



Anthony Scaramucci was white house communications director for 10 days and during that time he called steven bannon a cocksucker, threatened to kill all white house leakers, got his boss fired, missed the birth of his child bc he was sucking up to trump, and was divorced by his wife what an icon™ 

Go Big and Go Home

August 06 2017


Ramsay: “I look forward to having [Sansa] back in my bed”

Jon: ᕙ( ︡’︡益’︠) —̳͟͞͞o )`3゚)゚:+。

Littlefinger: “I love Sansa as I loved her mother”

Jon:  ( ง ︡’︡益’︠)—̳͟͞͞o )`дº)゚

Tyrion: “Does [Sansa] miss me terribly?”

Jon:  (ง ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)ง

Theon: “S-Sansa, how is she?”

Jon: (ง◔益◔)ง

Sandor: “[Sansa-]”

Jon:  (ง'̀-‘́)ง





Getting older and then looking at all these teenagers who have to save the world…..why did I ever think that was acceptable……..they’re so young….let Katniss sleep…….let Harry Potter have a normal school year……..Aang is literally 12, I’m twice his age and incapable of 1 percent of his plot duties, these poor children, these poor acne encrusted puberty enduring babies

#honestly!!!#its really disconcerting like… being an adult now and seeing other adults not uh#question this or be uncomfortable with children in these situations#like even fictional ones?#i understand being a kid and not seeing it#but being an adult and looking at a piece of media about like#war or some shit#and being like ‘yeah putting kids in the middle of it is a great idea and message’#nnno??? (via @blazednarancia)

ok but did you forget what being a kid and reading/watching these stories was like? because actual real children do not live lives devoid of violence or responsibility or darkness.

kids have abusive families like Harry and live in poverty like Ron, they live in poverty as part of specific systems designed to keep them keep them there like Katniss, they live in situations that ask way too much of them like Aang and Harry and all of them.

My little sister’s graduating class had a lot of dead parents. There were all kinds of reasons, drug overdose and sudden illness and motorcycle accident and long battle with illness and ’….ehhh probably heart disease? they didn’t do a real autopsy…’. For the long battle with an illness category, Sarah’s mother got cancer not long after giving birth to her much younger sister. Not only did Sarah have to watch her mother slowly lose that battle over the last years of Sarah’s childhood but she had to basically raise that baby because her father was busy trying work and care for their mother. Sarah didn’t have to save the world but you don’t think it didn’t feel like it some times?

It’s like JKR has said, kids don’t hear these stories and suddenly realize monsters are real. They already know. These stories tell you monsters can be defeated. That you can survive. That it might get worse some times but you can win. And yeah it would be nice if in the real world kids never had to do it themselves but that’s just not true.

Harry Potter didn’t make me feel like it was fair or reasonable for teens to save the world, it made me feel less alone in my struggles. Reading about kids fighting the world made me feel like I could make it through too. One of the reasons these stories are so popular is that they give you hope, they give you characters to fight along side during the dark and hard moments in your own life–whether that’s imagining your math test as a Hungarian Horntail you have to get past, or struggling to leave your own abusive family like Harry having to go back to the Dursleys every year, or watching violence and drugs take your friends like the Battle of Hogwarts killed so many.

These stories don’t normalize kids saving the world, they tell kids who already have to that they can survive it.

Also, even if the kid in question doesn’t have these specific issues of going to war, chances are there are things in their lives that feel like it. Even the ‘simple act’ of going to school can be a terrifying gigantic thing, and it only doesn’t look that way to adults because of a different perspective. 

But that’s easy to forget, being an adult. I think it’s easiest to forget for teenagers because they look almost adult, but so many different things are happening to their bodies/brains/future that, yes, it’s no surprise that many relate to stories where the world is ending.

August 05 2017

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petition to make this song the new rickroll

i cannot believe my life . I cant believe what it’s come to . i cant believe that the twelve years of education ive had in preparation for this moment still wasn’t enough . where has the time gone ? who am i yet ?

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did tumblr humor distort anyone elses sense of reality ? every fucking meme on here is drenched in 5 layers of irony and my brain cant differentiate jokes from anything. i went to craigslist saw a photo of a couch and just fucking lost it


contrary to social media developers’ beliefs i have literally never once wanted to see posts in anything other than chronological order


just met my roommate and she informed me that we live on the same floor as the entire girl’s rowing team. i cant believe im about to enter a fanfic university au and my beefy butch girlfriend who can benchpress me is just one fateful laundry day away

August 04 2017

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Tyler Hoechlin in Stratton (2017)

1905 1863


Gay-lesbian solidarity would have been someone telling michaelangelo what titties looked like


i enjoy video games because they let me live out my wildest fantasies, like being assigned a task and then completing that task

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As you do.



Christmas: *on crutches*

Julie: I need you to hurry the fuck up Christmas, thank you.

A key component of the Spinster Mythos is financial independence — or at least the appearance of it. It’s very difficult to be a spinster when you can’t afford to live on your own, when you depend upon the income or the goodwill of others. This is why so many fictional spinsters are as wealthy as they are eccentric: it’s their money that allows them to behave strangely. Without money, without a home of your own, society will find a way to be beat the strangeness out of you. (It will still try even if you do have money, but then you can build a door of pearl and of onyx to keep society away from your house.)

When I think of all the women — real and fictional — who simply could not afford to become spinsters throughout history, my heart aches. There should be a Spinster Dream Fund for women who need a small apartment overlooking a river or a cottage on stilts propped on the side of a mountain that is continually wrapped in fog.

Mallory Ortberg (via flowermaddened)
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Detective Peralta, this is my mother, the honourable Laverne Holt.

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