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October 11 2017

how about cracking open a warm one with the boys?


some tea. some biscuits. and talking about our feelings and love for one another

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some carrie fisher tweets to brighten your day

October 09 2017



Concept: I finish school. The job I work isn’t my dream job but I enjoy doing it greatly still. It pays enough to cover everything I might need. My bills are never overdue. Money is not a thought in my head. I have a place to live. So do my dogs. It is nice and warm, I have some plants, my bookshelves are full, my sheets are always clean. There is time to read at the end of a day. I read a lot. Thinking is a good thing. I meet up with friends regularly, old and new. They love me. We make memories. I have nothing to be ashamed of. I travel a few times a year, always different places. The places I see steal my breath away. The people I meet teach me of life. They are good. There is no war. The sea calls to me and pay visit. I am independent. I am content.

we are such a sad generation. the dream is a modest and decent life.



We’re Approaching Bubonic Plague All Wrong & How To Use Soap To Fix It

yo this bot just wrote a headline from 1342


my bank account to me when I’m looking at my bank statement after a good weekend



the faster you learn to say ‘this is hideous, i love it’ about an item of clothing and genuinely mean it, the faster no one can take away your happiness about your clothes because they can be like ‘what the fuck are you wearing’ and the only answer you can give is a gleeful ‘i KNOW isn’t it HIDEOUS!’

And once you’ve accomplished this, you can do this with everything. My clothes? ugly. My furniture? Tacky. My car? hideous!

Bring the hideous into your entire life and experience the true zen of not giving a fuck

October 07 2017

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this fucking movie 

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Evolution of Nick Fury’s love for Tony Stark.

October 06 2017

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Help! I’ve Fallen and I Can’t get up!!

I get stuck on my back like a turtle.



when the gym teacher tells you to stop picking the grass


This is so mundane yet specific at the same time

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- Anyways, you need people of intelligence on this sort of… mission… quest… thing.
- Well, that rules you out, Pip.

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Good dads that will make you smile


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wait…omfg this level of..dfkjhgdfjkhgjkdfghfd

I googled “mark hamill” and the first thing to come up was Mark Hamill Mocks His Own Death Hoax

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They shot my toe!

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Tony “no chill” Stark.

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SNL Host Gal Gadot Breaks Down Walls

October 01 2017



Saw this post about straight dudes feeling emasculated at the thought of taking their wife’s last name, and it gave me a sudden craving for fantasy media where some dude is called Leopold THE DESTROYER or some shit and there are all these rumors going around about how he got his moniker, all these made up stories about how he must have razed a village to the ground or slayed 12 dragons or some shit and it turns out he just took his wife’s last name.

“What was your name before?”



“I miss it sometimes y’know, but eh,” he smiles wistfully as he looks over to where his wife is sharpening her sword. “What can you do when you marry for love.”

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